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Kate Austin Memorial page


Graduating Seniors attending this event are eligible for the Kate Austin Scholarship Award. USA Preps, the Washington Angels, and the Austin Family have been able to donate over $17,000 to deserving student-athletes.

Graduating Seniors should send a short essay (500-750 words) to explaining their love for the game, any outstanding community achievements, and other information they'd like to include. The essays are due by the Wednesday prior to the tournament. Scholarship recipients need to be present for the Scholarship Ceremony taking place at the event.

The ceremony will take place at Columbia Playfields, field 1 (the last field Kate played on) on Sunday at 1:15 PM. Drew and Cindi Austin will determine and present the winners. 

Kate Austin Scholarship recipients


Taylor Nevills 1K

Shyne McKay 500



Mikaela Francsico 1K

Saecha Padasdao-Oyamot 500

Jade Montoya 500



Cassidy Callihan 1K

Caiti Worwood 1K

Alee Cruz 500



Grace Shimatsu 1K

Kaidron McClafferty 800

Khiala Rollins 800



Mikaelie Sullivan 1K

Hannah Kranz 1K

Meghan Kinsey 1K



Maddison Kinsey 1K

Madelyn Requa 1K

Paija Rodriquez $750



Amanda Nettleton 1K

Taylor Longhorn 1K

Bailey Benson 1K


$17,350 in scholarships awarded in Kate’s Memory.